Captolab: the autonomous equipment that quantifies microplastics in water

Inspenet, September 19, 2023.

Captoplastic presents a revolution in the environmental field with its innovation Captolab: the first autonomous device in the world designed to detect microplastics in water samples. This outstanding creation, developed by a Madrid company, promises to transform our approach to one of the most pressing ecological problems of our time.

Originating as an extension of the Autonomous University of Madrid, Captoplastic has dedicated itself to addressing the plastics challenge. With Captolab, it is now possible to analyze water without requiring specialized knowledge or depending on highly specialized laboratories . This tool responds to the growing demand of companies seeking to ensure the quality of their water resources.

The device is not only characterized by its ease of use, but also, thanks to its design and advanced technology, it minimizes the possibility of errors and risks of contamination . Whether analyzing drinking water or complex samples from treatment plants, Captolab delivers highly accurate results.

A significant advance in water analysis

Until now, the task of detecting and measuring microplastics was usually carried out in highly specialized laboratories. However, thanks to Captolab, as mentioned by Raquel Parra, CEO of Captoplastic, it is no longer necessary to send samples for analysis at external facilities. Now, any user has the ability to perform these evaluations directly in their own locations.

Additionally, this novel solution stands out not only for its precision and autonomy, but also for its speed in processing and its competitive cost, which makes the identification of small plastic particles within everyone’s reach.

Available for purchase

Although it will initially be produced to order, mass production is expected to begin soon, cementing its position as an essential tool in the environmental field.

Founded in 2018 in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid, the technology developed by Captoplastic has proven to be truly innovative. With the financial backing of BeAble Capital in 2020, the company was officially established and has since received awards and recognitions both nationally and internationally.

In addition to Captolab, Captoplastic is working on technologies that can eliminate plastic micro particles present in water . They use a special device that, without altering the characteristics of the water, traps and eliminates these contaminants. This solution is sustainable, environmentally friendly and promises a future without microplastics.

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