The first offshore wind farm that includes aquaculture under the platforms is underway

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Inspenet, November 11, 2023.

The first offshore wind farm to include aquaculture

China successfully completed the world’s first project combining deep-sea floating wind energy with aquaculture. This initiative has been developed by the Longyuan Power Group , in collaboration with the subsidiary Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group , which provided the power generation equipment and towers for the offshore turbines.

This project consists of three-column semi-submersible floating platforms, each supporting a 4 MW offshore wind turbine. In addition, lightweight and flexible solar modules have been installed in an area with a water depth of approximately 35 meters. The hexagonal space in the center of the platform is intended for fish farming .

Once operational, the mixed energy project has the capacity to produce 96,000 kWh of electricity per day at full capacity, which is equivalent to the daily energy consumption of 42,500 people. The innovative combination of wind energy, small-scale photovoltaics and aquaculture opens new perspectives for the industry in creating sustainable and environmentally friendly renewable solutions, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and boosting economic growth.

When it comes to safety, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group employs a comprehensive approach to ensure project reliability at all stages of its life cycle. During the preliminary design phase, the company established an integrated model that was confirmed through consistency analysis over multiple rounds. In addition, other measures were implemented, such as the comparison of simulation results between various platforms and the collaboration with DVN in the development of control algorithms, all of which have contributed to reinforcing the security and reliability of the project.

The entire project has undergone a wide range of rigorous testing under almost 200 different operating conditions, including the use of a 1:40 scale model to evaluate performance in the fishing pond. The company also designed a customized smart terminal system for the floating wind turbines, improving reliability to ensure safe and consistent operation of the turbines, while maximizing wind energy harvesting.


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