Company presented Electramar: an ultra-efficient plug-in hybrid vessel

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AtoB@C Shipping , a subsidiary of ESL Shipping , marks a milestone in sustainable shipping with its innovative fleet. Electramar , a high-efficiency plug-in hybrid vessel (the first of twelve), has been incorporated. This and Stellamar were presented in June and October.

Electramar , now ready for commercial operations, stands out as a significant step towards a greener shipping sector. This new generation ship has a powerful propulsion system adaptable to land energy and renewable fuels , considerably reducing emissions and demonstrating its environmental commitment. Electramar is also designed to integrate wind propulsion in the future, ensuring its readiness and compatibility with various technologies.

Operation of the Electramar hybrid ship

The ship’s hybrid system incorporates a 1 MWh battery pack, improving fuel efficiency and enabling noise and emissions reduction in port. In addition, Electramar can operate with zero emissions and noise during its stay in port thanks to the electrical connection on land.

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With the promise of reducing CO 2 emissions per unit of load by up to 50% compared to current vessels, this 89.9 meter bulk carrier, with a GT of 4,135, stands out for its ecological characteristics without compromising performance. Rated for ice navigation, this new vessel fuses hybrid-electric propulsion with superior capacity, ensuring the safe transportation of goods year-round, even in challenging weather conditions.

Additionally, the ships have been designed to be efficient in loading and transporting a wide range of bulk and fractional products. Thanks to the crew accommodation and bow bridge, these vessels have a large, unobstructed deck, allowing for the loading of greater quantities of cargo on the deck and larger project loads compared to conventional vessels in the current fleet. . This design adaptation has alone generated a 20% increase in capacity, giving it greater versatility in terms of the type of bulk cargo it can transport.

We are proud to be at the forefront of green shipping with these innovative vessels that combine high efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. Electramar is the first of many vessels that will help us achieve our vision of being the most responsible and reliable partner for our customers and stakeholders.” says Mikki Koskinen, CEO of ESL Shipping and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AtoB@C Shipping.

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