Two companies will test the use of renewable fuels

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Inspenet, December 26, 2023.

Bosch and Rhenus have collaborated on a joint project to evaluate the feasibility of using renewable fuels . Under this agreement, Rhenus has put into operation two heavy vehicles powered by renewable fuels supplied by Repsol . These make daily round trips between the Rhenus operational center in Irún and the Bosch factory in Aranjuez, as well as the Bosch central warehouse in Fabrica Madrid.

This project represents a step forward for Bosch in its sustainability goals and its contribution to the decarbonization of road freight transport. After achieving overall carbon neutrality at more than 400 sites globally, the group now aims to reduce CO 2 emissions by 15% across the entire value chain by 2030, using 2018 as a baseline.

We have found in the Rhenus Group a strategic partner, committed to our needs and objectives ,” said Cecilia Cintado, Logistics Director at the Bosch Aranjuez plant.

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About the use of renewable fuels

Both trucks are using renewable fuels, specifically an advanced biofuel made from waste materials such as recycled oils and forestry waste. This biofuel represents an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative, complying with the sustainability certifications required by the Renewable Energy Directive of the European Union. According to studies, this fuel could achieve reductions of more than 80% in carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional fuels and all without the need to make modifications to the vehicle fleet.

For his part, Ignacio Eguiguren, Director of Operations at Rhenus Irún, highlights the importance of this project: “At Rhenus, we believe in the importance of leading the change towards cleaner, more sustainable freight transport. We are eager to see the results of this pioneering project.”.

About Bosch

The Bosch plant located in Madrid, within the Mobility business area, specializes in the manufacturing of components and modules for the denoxtronic system, used in exhaust gas treatment. In addition, it produces filters and various components made of thermoplastics and duroplastics. Recently, it has expanded its production to include two new products related to electric and autonomous vehicles: the AC Interface connector for power inverters in electric motors and the housing of the sixth generation of the radar sensor.

On the other hand, the Madrid factory, also part of the Mobility business area, has an annual production of approximately 88 million acceleration and pressure sensors, as well as parking assistance systems.

In addition, it manufactures small series of electronic control units for gasoline and diesel injection systems, intended for both automobile manufacturers and the spare parts market. The plant follows a highly connected factory approach, making the most of the data generated in its production processes.

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