Resilient and passionate: Tips for entering the industry – Interview Allie Alderson || ILTA 2023


Inspenet interviews Allie Alderson, Director of Marketing and Sustainability at HMT at the ILTA Annual Conference 2023 in Houston

Inspenet had the honor of interviewing Allie Alderson, Director of Marketing and Sustainability at HMT, at the ILTA Annual Conference 2023 held in Houston. During the interview, Allie talked about her role in the industry and her experience as a woman in a predominantly male industry.

Allie expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work in an industry with so many intelligent and resourceful individuals. She also emphasized the importance of being resilient and passionate, and of learning more than anyone else to succeed in the industry.

Regarding HMT, Allie spoke about the recent addition of their new CEO, Veronique Trudeau, and how the company has had a strong impact on the industry since its founding in 1978. Allie also talked about HMT’s presence at the ILTA Conference and how they strive to constantly innovate and solve problems for their customers.

resilient and passionate

The ILTA Annual Conference

Is an opportunity for companies in the tank industry to come together and share ideas. Allie highlighted that HMT is one of the largest exhibitors at the conference and that they strive to offer customers fun and engaging ways to interact at their booth.

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