Honeywell: The future is what we make it – Interview James Hensley || ILTA 2023


James Hensley, Honeywell’s distinguished Product Business Leader, wowed the audience at the 2023 ILTA Annual Conference in Houston. In an exclusive interview conducted by Inspenet, Hensley revealed the company’s innovative vision for the future of the terminal industry.

The renowned industrial solutions provider showcased an impressive product portfolio at the highly anticipated ILTA 2023 event. Hensley delved into core offerings, starting with its line of tank engines, a vital component of the NRF product range. Positioned as a leading solution for data collection and sharing, the tank engine line embodies the company’s commitment to seamless connectivity and improved operational efficiency.

Amid the boisterous conference, Hensley emphasized the importance of Honeywell’s presence at ILTA 2023. As the nature of terminals undergoes dynamic changes, the company has embraced this evolution and remains at the forefront of technological advances, positioning itself as the terminal partner of the future.

Looking ahead, Hensley shared ambitious plans for the short, medium and long term. In the immediate future, the company offers operational optimization, safeguarding the environment and communities through state-of-the-art equipment. However, his vision extends far beyond mere optimization. At the same time, he aspires to lead the industry towards safer practices by enabling remote monitoring and providing early warning systems, ensuring that personnel are protected from potential hazards.

During the interview, Hensley provided a closer look at some of Honeywell’s featured offerings, showing off its radar gauge for crude oil and refined petroleum products tanks, as well as its state-of-the-art servo gauge, the latest addition to its lineup. of products. , designed for LNG and LPG tanks. As they continue to adapt to emerging energy trends, the importance of these technologies is growing exponentially.

A unique highlight of the company’s advancements is its portable gauge, an innovative solution that enables operators to achieve a gas-tight seal at the top of tanks, effectively preventing vapor emissions and ensuring safety. personnel in hazardous environments. This technologically advanced indicator further protects electronics by offering a completely gas-tight connection, providing reliability and peace of mind.

Hensley highlighted the integration of data collected by Honeywell’s meters, highlighting its ability to calculate gross and net volumes. While manual data collection is still an option, Honeywell’s automated meters streamline the process by wirelessly transmitting data to control rooms. This invaluable feature revolutionizes data analysis and improves operational decision making for terminal operators.

In closing, Hensley expressed the company’s excitement for ILTA 2023 attendees to experience the extraordinary technologies first-hand. He extended an invitation to visit the Honeywell booth, urging existing users to consider attending the Honeywell User Group event in October, which offers an opportunity for in-depth discussions and knowledge sharing.

Honeywell: The future is what we make it - Interview James Hensley || ILTA 2023

Honeywell continues to pave the way for a future defined by innovation, sustainability and security. With a steadfast commitment to push the limits, the company claims that the future is truly what they make it.

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