Delek Logistics: Petroleum Refining – Interview Tony Stye || ILTA 2023


Inspenet, had the pleasure of interviewing Tony Stye, Terminal Operator at Delek Logistics, at the ILTA Annual Conference 2023 in Houston. Delek Logistics serves oil and gas by storing and delivering gas to various vendors, including Kroger and Walmart.

During the interview, Tony shared his excitement about attending the conference for the first time and learning about the latest technologies and trends in the industry. As someone who has worked in refineries for over 11 years, Tony sees the conference as an opportunity to expand his knowledge and network with industry leaders and vendors.

In addition to learning, Tony is looking forward to meeting new people and building relationships with vendors associated with his job. As a terminal operator, he plays a crucial role in ensuring that gas is stored and delivered efficiently and safely, and he is always on the lookout for ways to improve his operations.

Delek Logistics: Petroleum Refining - Interview Tony Stye || ILTA 2023

ILTA Annual Conference 2023 provides an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to learn, network, and connect with potential clients and partners. As a first-time attendee, Tony’s experience highlights the value of attending conferences like ILTA to stay at the forefront of industry trends and drive growth and success in the industry.

Inspenet is dedicated to providing insightful coverage and analysis of the latest news, trends, and innovationsin the industrial sector, and will continue to cover the ILTA Annual Conference 2023 and other events in the industry. Stay tuned for more interviews and updates.

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