Mesa ETP: Expert Worldwide of Engineered Tank Products – Interview Adam Vance || ILTA 2023


Inspenet had the pleasure of speaking with Adam Vance, Business Innovation Manager at Mesa ETP, at the ILTA Annual Conference 2023 in Houston. they are a leading manufacturer of above ground storage tank products that offers high-quality tank drain hoses, roof seals, and other advanced solutions. During the interview, Adam introduced their latest product, Armor Fabric, a game-changer in the industry.

Armor Fabric is a five to fifteen times more abrasion-resistant fabric than steel, making it the most durable fabric on the market. When combined with Flex Core, a liquid mounted seal that goes around the outside of the rim, it solves the industry’s problem of wear on seals. Adam demonstrated the product’s durability by rubbing sandpaper on it, showing only surface scratches and no degradation.

Mesa ETP is offering a multiyear warranty, which is beyond the industry average of one year, to prospective customers. They are looking for partners to bring this revolutionary product to the market.

Mesa ETP is a global company with operations based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and an office in Houston. They serve clients all over the world, including Asia, South America, and Europe. They offer high-quality products, but they do not provide installation services. Instead, they sell their products to contractors who then carry out the installation.

Mesa ETP: Expert Worldwide of Engineered Tank Products - Interview Adam Vance || ILTA 2023

The ILTA Annual Conference 2023 was an excellent opportunity for Mesa ETP to showcase their products and meet potential partners. They provide a full range of engineered tank products for anything relatedto the floating roof, including roof train systems, sealing systems, and other fabrics.

Overall, the Conference 2023 was a great way for Mesa ETP to connect with contractors, end-users, and tank owners. They are excited to bring their innovative products to the market and continue to offer advanced solutions to the above ground storage tank market. For more information about Mesa ETP and their products, please visit their website.

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