MMT’s AI-Enhanced Non-Destructive Technology at API Summit

Massachusetts Materials Technologies (MMT) is transforming material testing with their AI-driven, non-destructive technology. In our interview with Aaron Crowder, Director of Commercialization, learn about MMT's innovative approach to accurately measuring the strength and toughness of materials used in pipelines, vessels, and more.

At the recent API summit, Massachusetts Materials Technologies (MMT) showcased its groundbreaking technology that non-destructively measures the ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, and toughness of pipes and steel grades. We caught up with Aaron Crowder, Director of Commercialization at MMT, to delve into how their proprietary technology, enriched with AI and advanced algorithms, is setting new standards in the industry.

MMT’s Innovative Approach to Non-Destructive Testing

MMT’s technology stands out by applying friction to collect metal samples from pipes, measuring hardness, strength, and ductility without causing destructive damage.

What makes our technology unique is not the machine itself but the modeling, AI, and algorithms behind it—our secret sauce,” Crowder explained.

This approach allows for an accurate assessment of material properties, vital for the integrity of pipelines, pressure vessels, and tanks.

Embedding Artificial Intelligence in Material Testing

Artificial intelligence is at the core of MMT’s operations, enabling the statistical analysis and comparison of collected data against a vast database of destructively tested pipes. This AI integration ensures a comprehensive understanding of material behavior and supports the development of safer, more reliable infrastructure.

Expanding Applications Beyond Pipelines

During the summit, Crowder also highlighted MMT’s efforts to apply their technology to tanks and vessels, showcasing an apparatus that magnetically adheres to flat surfaces for precise toughness data collection. “We are the only ones in the industry non-destructively collecting data on toughness,” he noted, underscoring MMT’s leadership in material science innovation.

Connecting with MMT

For those interested in learning more about MMT’s technologies or seeking collaboration, Crowder encourages visiting their website at and connecting via LinkedIn. With a commitment to advancing material testing through AI, MMT is poised to revolutionize the industry.

Aaron Crowder from MMT at API Summit 2024

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