IrisNDT at API Summit: Advanced NDT Solutions from USA to Australia

At the API Summit, Kenneth Eubanks from IrisNDT highlighted the company's extensive services in NDT, mechanical integrity, and global operations. With innovations like drone inspections and a commitment to quality, IrisNDT demonstrates its leadership in the NDT industry worldwide.

At the recent API Summit, we had the opportunity to engage with Kenneth Eubanks from Engineering Services at IrisNDT. With a rich background in the industry, including over seven years at IrisNDT after retiring from Marathon Petroleum Company, Ken shared insights into the company’s commitment to mechanical integrity, innovative solutions, and global reach.

A Broad Spectrum of NDT Services

IrisNDT stands out in the non-destructive testing (NDT) arena, offering a wide range of services, including advanced NDT, visual inspection, mechanical services, and rope access techniques. One of their key focuses is on asset integrity, with specialized programs addressing corrosion under insulation (CUI) for various clients. “We are an advanced, high-end company in terms of mechanical integrity,” Ken emphasized, showcasing the depth and breadth of IrisNDT’s capabilities.

Global Presence with a Personal Touch

Operating across continents, IrisNDT’s services span the United States, Australia, England, and Canada, reflecting the company’s extensive global footprint. Yet, despite its international reach, IrisNDT maintains a personalized approach, evident in their active participation in industry events and dedication to client appreciation and engagement.

Innovative Technologies and Future Directions

A notable highlight from the summit was the introduction of drone technology for inspection services. While Ken humbly noted his non-expertise in drones, he pointed out the flexibility and potential of these devices to perform ultrasonic thickness readings and more, indicating IrisNDT’s commitment to embracing and evolving with technological advancements.

A Testimony to Quality

Ken’s decision to join IrisNDT after a lengthy and distinguished career at Marathon Petroleum speaks volumes about the company’s quality and reliability. “I would not have joined them if I didn’t have confidence in what they could deliver,” he stated, underscoring the trust and value placed in IrisNDT’s services.

Kenneth Eubanks from IrisNDT at API Summit 2024

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