Choosing the right Corrosion Inhibitor: Insights from Yolanda De Abreu from CHAMPIONX

Yolanda De Abreu, a scientist at Champion X, shared her experience in the battle against corrosion at the API Summit 2024. She emphasized the importance of combating corrosion in various industries and encouraged young engineers to explore new technologies. She also mentioned her work in the development of a new technique for remotely monitoring inhibitor levels in solutions.

Yolanda de Abreu is a Venezuelan materials engineer and corporate scientist who has dedicated her career to combating corrosion in various industries. At the 2024 API Summit held in San Antonio, Texas, Yolanda shared her experience and knowledge with the community, inspiring the next generation of professionals in the field.


Her Approach to Corrosion Control:

• Yolanda discusses the importance of combating corrosion in various industries, such as oil and gas, energy, and construction.

• Emphasizes the importance of maintaining sufficient inhibitor levels to prevent corrosion and is working on a new technique to remotely monitor inhibitor levels in solutions.

• Shares her passion for projects related to hydrogen transportation and preventing hydrogen penetration into materials.

Commitment to Mentoring:

• Yolanda highlights the importance of working with new generations of engineers to transmit their knowledge and experience.

• She mentions her work with a mentor named José Vera, who has guided her in her career.

• Yolanda expresses her desire to continue contributing to her company by finding new technologies and advising new generations.

Its impact on the industry:

• Yolanda has implemented electrochemical techniques to evaluate the performance of its products, which has significantly reduced evaluation time.

Yolanda De Abreu is an example of female leadership in science and engineering. Her passion for her work, her commitment to innovation, and her dedication to mentorship make her an inspiration to women who aspire to a career in this field.

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