Infineum is a fuel and oil additive company – Interview Lauren Reda || ILTA 2023


The Inspenet team had the privilege of interviewing Lauren Reda, Fuels Technical Sales Account Manager at Infineum, to gain insight into the company’s participation in ILTA and her important role in the industry.

As a major player with operations in the UK and US, they have established themselves as a renowned company focused on improving fuel, oil and lubrication performance. With more than 14 years of experience in the fuels division, Lauren Reda highlighted the company’s expertise in improving the lubricity, cold flow properties and quality of diesel fuel through advanced additive solutions. In addition, they offer a diverse range of products, including specialty detergents and compounds.

This marked Infineum’s first appearance at ILTA, using this opportunity to gauge the potential benefits of the conference for future engagements. Although the company did not have an official booth at the event, Lauren Reda expressed her enthusiasm for the trade show and eagerly anticipated the opportunity to explore various exhibitor booths, gather valuable information, and make new connections within the industry.

An important aspect of the ILTA Annual Conference was the Women in Tanks event, where Lauren Reda actively participated. Reflecting on her experience, she emphasized the importance of such gatherings in fostering connections among women in a predominantly male-dominated industry. Lauren was inspired by the keynote speaker, the ILTA president herself, who offered a refreshing perspective and highlighted the potential for greater diversity and representation in the future.

Throughout ILTA 2023, the Infineum team actively engaged with industry professionals, attended briefings and embraced the vibrant atmosphere of the conference. The ILTA Annual Conference provided an ideal platform for Infineum to showcase its expertise, gain industry insights and expand its network.

Infineum is a fuel and oil additive company


Is a global leader in fuel and oil additive technologies, focusing on improving the performance and sustainability of fuels, lubricants, and associated products. With its extensive research facilities and commitment to innovation, the company delivers cutting-edge solutions to customers worldwide.

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