Guillermo Loayza: Global vision, local approach for AMPP’s success

Guillermo Loayza, director of AMPP Ecuador and member of the AMPP Board of Directors, talks about the future of the organization, advances in asset management and the importance of community. The interview highlights Loayza's vision for a unified, diverse and inclusive AMPP, and his commitment to innovation and collaboration.

Guillermo Loayza: Unifying AMPP for a stronger, more collaborative future

Guillermo Loayza, member of the AMPP Board of Directors, has become a prominent figure in the Ecuadorian and global community. In an interview with Inspenet CEO Francesco Solari, Loayza shared his vision for the future of AMPP, highlighting the importance of unification, innovation and inclusion.

Unification for greater collaboration

Loayza mentioned that one of his main goals for AMPP is to unify the organization under a single application, “One Board One AMPP.” This initiative seeks to facilitate collaboration among members, promote information sharing and strengthen the community.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Loayza also highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion within AMPP. The organization strives to create a space where all members feel welcome and valued, regardless of their background or experience.

Guillermo Loayza
Loayza was enthusiastic about the future of AMPP, especially looking ahead to 2025. The organization aims to maintain or surpass last year’s achievements, consolidating its position as an industry leader.

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