AMPP Awards Night: A Global Triumph in Engineering

AMPP 2024, under the new leadership of Paul Vinik, celebrated its transformation into a truly global organization, recognizing the achievements of its distinguished members.

The AMPP Awards Night, a highlight of the engineering calendar, was especially significant this year with Paul Vinik at the helm as the new Chair of the Board of Directors. Vinik, who assumed his role on January 1, shared his vision for a unified and global AMPP, reflecting on the night’s successes and the organization’s future direction.

The evening saw 40 to 50 awards handed out to some of the most distinguished members of the AMPP community, celebrating their service, talents, and achievements. “It’s a reflection of the diverse and global nature of our organization,” Vinik noted, emphasizing AMPP’s expansion beyond its American roots to become a truly international entity.

Vision for the Future: One AMPP, One Team

Under Vinik’s leadership, the board is actively working on merging two boards to form a single, cohesive unit. The concept of “One AMPP” signifies a unified approach to facing the challenges and opportunities ahead. With AMPP’s reach extending to over 123 countries, the organization stands at the forefront of global engineering and inspection standards.

Looking Ahead to Nashville 2025

With more than 6,000 attendees at AMPP 2024, the organization is already setting ambitious goals for the future. “10,000” Vinik smiled when asked about expectations for Nashville 2025, showcasing his optimism and commitment to growing the AMPP community further.

Paul Vinik’s leadership marks a pivotal moment for AMPP as it embraces a future characterized by inclusivity, innovation, and global reach. Inspenet is proud to have covered these significant developments, showcasing the engineering community’s progress and potential.

Paul Vinik leadership at AMPP Awards Night

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