Empowering women in leadership – Insights from – Interview Dr. Kathryn Clay || ILTA 2023


Inspenet had the honor of conducting an exclusive interview with Dr. Kathryn Clay, the esteemed President of ILTA, during the empowering Women in Tanks event held at the ILTA conference. The conversation revolved around empowering women in liquid transfers and the industry as a whole, shedding light on the evolving landscape and the importance of diversity in leadership roles.

Dr. Clay’s passion for empowering women was evident as she discussed ILTA’s inaugural women’s intense networking event. She expressed excitement about the strong contingent of women present at the conference, highlighting the remarkable progress made over the years. As she took the stage, Dr. Clay emphasized ILTA’s commitment to empowering women in the industry, acknowledging their valuable contributions and promoting their rise to leadership positions.

“Empowering women in leadership is our priority,” Dr. Clay stated. “We have witnessed a significant increase in women’s representation both at the conference and within our own board of directors. We believe that diversity, including more women and people of color, strengthens decision-making processes and leads to remarkable achievements.”

Research supports ILTA’s efforts in empowering women, as companies with diverse voices in decision-making roles consistently outperform their counterparts. Dr. Clay emphasized the need for companies to recognize the bottom-line benefits of having women in leadership positions.

“We want to break the barriers that have hindered women’s progress in our industry,” Dr. Clay explained. “It’s not just about increasing the number of women in our companies; it’s about ensuring their voices are heard at all levels of leadership. By empowering women and providing them with equal opportunities, we can foster a more inclusive and innovative industry.”

When asked about the journey towards achieving greater diversity on ILTA’s board, Dr. Clay highlighted the magic number of three. This critical mass of women on the board breaks the feeling of being in the minority, creating an environment that encourages collaboration and strengthens decision-making processes.

As ILTA strives to empower women, Dr. Clay acknowledged the challenges in growing a diverse talent pool. She stressed the importance of supporting education and actively communicating the industry’s opportunities to individuals who may not traditionally consider it. ILTA aims to change the perception of the industry, ensuring that more women see themselves as capable candidates.

The interview also provided insights into the upcoming events at ILTA, highlighting empowering keynote speakers such as astronaut Scott Kelly, who would share leadership lessons from his extraordinary experiences in space. Dr. Clay also mentioned Dan Yergin, a renowned figure in energy policy, who would contribute his expertise to the conference.

Inspenet expressed gratitude for the collaboration with ILTA, praising them as a fantastic partner in the journey of empowering women. As the interview concluded, it celebrated ILTA’s commitment to empowering women in leadership and looked forward to witnessing the positive impact they would have on the terminal industry and beyond.

Empowering women in leadership - Insights from - Interview Dr. Kathryn Clay || ILTA 2023

ILTA’s unwavering dedication to empowering women resonates with the industry’s desire for greater inclusivity and diversity. Through their initiatives, ILTA is paving the way for a more equitable and prosperous future, empowering women to reach new heights in leadership.

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