Cygnus Instruments: Four Decades of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Excellence

Cygnus Instruments, celebrating over 40 years of pioneering ultrasonic thickness gauging technology. Learn about their intrinsically safe gauges for hazardous environments and explore their global reach through a network of distributors.

At the recent API Summit, Cygnus Instruments showcased their latest advancements in ultrasonic thickness gauges, marking over four decades of excellence in the field. Steve Warner, Sales Director at Cygnus, provided an in-depth look at the company’s robust product line, designed to meet the diverse needs of various markets. From underwater explorations to hazardous environment operations, Cygnus’s gauges offer precision and reliability.

Pioneering Ultrasonic Solutions

Founded in Dorchester, Dorset, England, Cygnus Instruments has been at the forefront of ultrasonic thickness gauging technology. Celebrating its 40th anniversary last year, the company continues to innovate with two main product lines: underwater and surface gauges, along with twin and single crystal probes. These products are known for their durability and versatility, catering to a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

Intrinsic Safety in Hazardous Environments

A highlight from the discussion was Cygnus’s new intrinsically safe zone zero gauges, designed to be used in hazardous environments without requiring a hot work permit. This feature is particularly relevant to the American market, where it aligns with division one, class one standards. The introduction of such technology represents Cygnus’s commitment to safety and efficiency in challenging work conditions.

Global Reach and Accessibility

Cygnus Instruments takes pride in its global distribution network, with 62 distributors worldwide, ensuring local access to its products and service centers. This extensive reach underscores the company’s influence and reliability in the ultrasonic thickness gauging industry.

Connecting with Cygnus

For those interested in learning more about Cygnus Instruments and their offerings, Steve Warner encourages visits to their website at www.cygn u Additionally, Steve can be found on LinkedIn, ready to connect with professionals and enthusiasts in the field.

Steve Warner from Cygnus Instruments LTD at API Summit 2024

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