Zired: Learn how the wind turbine that supplies electricity works even without wind

Inspenet, May 11, 2023

Optimetron has designed the new Zired wind turbine, with an integrated compressed air tank and equipped with an innovative system that stores energy in the form of compressed air, which is used to generate electricity when necessary.

The device extracts energy from the wind and uses it to drive a compressor, which compresses the air to even a single revolution per minute and stores it in a compressed air reservoir inside the wind turbine. The advantage of the Zired compressor is that it is capable of compressing air even at low rpm, which makes it more efficient and reduces the cost of construction.

In addition, this wind turbine uses environmentally friendly and 100% sustainable materials, such as iron, concrete and ceramics, making it a greener alternative to conventional wind turbines.

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With state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, Zired is presented as the sustainable solution for the energy future.

The Zired wind turbine has a series of characteristics that make it especially interesting. It enables electricity generation on demand, which means that electricity can be produced when it is needed. It has enormous construction cost savings, since the compressed air compressor and motors used each weigh around 100 kg, much lighter than those used in conventional wind turbines.

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Also, it allows the simultaneous storage of variable energy and the stable generation of electricity 24 hours a day. Storage capacities of up to 2 GWh in absolute terms and up to 4 GWh retrospectively can be achieved. This is especially useful in areas with low wind availability, as the compressed air storage system can continue to supply electricity for several days, weeks, or even months.

The wind turbine can generate electricity self-sufficiently, which means that it does not depend on external sources of energy. This makes it especially useful in remote or isolated areas. In addition, the simplified design of the Zired compressed air storage unit makes it robust, relatively easy to build, and requires very little maintenance. In addition, it is better value for money than conventional wind turbines.

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Source : https://en.topcarnews.net/this-innovative-wind-generator-with-compressed-air-tank-also-produces-electricity-when-there-is-no-wind-v46136.html

Photos : Optimetron

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