Yamaha will showcase its hydrogen outboard engine

motor fuera de borda de hidrógeno de Yamaha

A key component in the strategy of yamaha to achieve carbon neutrality goals and continue with its comprehensive clean energy strategy, is the new hydrogen outboard motor which the company will exhibit at the upcoming Miami International Boat Show, scheduled to take place February 14-18, 2024, in Miami, Florida.

This innovative product will offer boaters and marine consumers a more environmentally friendly alternative compared to conventional fossil fuel outboard motors that are mounted on the back of boats.

Yamaha has set a goal to achieve net zero emissions in its own operations (Scope 1 and 2) by 2035. However, the challenge is considerably greater when it comes to its value chain emissions (Scope 3), which represent 98.6% of its total carbon footprint, according to company estimates.

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It is important to note that Scope 3 emissions cover the entire life cycle of Yamaha products, from the extraction and processing of raw materials to those generated during the sale and delivery of the finished product. The largest proportion, exceeding 80%, comes from the end use of Yamaha products, such as motorcycles, personal watercraft and outboard motors.

Yamaha recognizes that different markets and products require diverse approaches to clean energy. Marine products face unique challenges due to their exposure to water resistance, which places significantly higher energy demands for propulsion compared to land-based vehicles.

Additionally, marine products can have diverse performance and engineering requirements, influenced by factors such as the environment of use (ocean, rivers or lakes) and the specific purpose of the application. These differences make battery electric systems, with limited use cases and ranges, unsuitable for many marine applications.

Hydrogen outboard motor to generate clean energy

With the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in the nautical field, Yamaha is promoting a multi-directional development approach that seeks new energy sources and technologies, complementing its electrification initiatives. This approach will encompass the use of carbon-neutral synthetic fuels, fuel cells and hydrogen engines.

The hydrogen-powered outboard engine will be able to generate energy through combustion without emitting CO 2 , following the same line as Yamaha’s hydrogen engines designed for land vehicles.

This will allow the company to take advantage of the experience accumulated over decades in the design of engines that use gasoline and diesel. Although the company has not yet provided additional details about its hydrogen outboard engine, it is expected to reveal more information during the Miami boat show. Additionally, at the event, Yamaha will showcase its advanced autonomous docking technology and present its biofuel innovations.

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