Xplain: New educational digital platform created using artificial intelligence

Inspenet, April 14, 2023

Young Peruvian graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Raúl Alcántara, Oscar Clemente and Gyalpo Dongo founded Xplain , a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to offer free and paid educational services.

Xplain was created with the purpose of offering accessible and quality education with virtual tutors created with Artificial Intelligence and other digital tools. He currently helps students with the International Baccalaureate (IB), and offers advice to access scholarships at the main universities in the United States.

In a few months, the service will expand with any type of private classes and preparation for admission exams. With this they want to ensure that any adolescent has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and forge a future.

“The purpose of Xplain is to democratize quality education so that the largest number of Peruvian students can access it, exponentially reducing the price of private tutoring, whether for college or to apply to university,” says Raúl Alcántara, who has also worked as a computer engineer at Google and Pinterest.

This project to democratize education is based on the use of artificial intelligence, whose potential is capable of making a real change in the education sector and helping more than 2 million Peruvian students. In addition, they are creating free online resources such as a guide to applying to US universities that will help more than 150,000 Peruvian students who apply to these institutions each year.

“With all this and more, we plan to democratize education in the country so that many more students can change their lives and that of their families through study,” explains Alcántara.

The idea for Xplain arose from the experience of the project leaders themselves, who seek to give more students the same opportunities they had, such as studying at MIT, considered the best university in the world.

Source : https://peru21.pe/peru/peruanos-egresados-del-mit-crean-plataforma-digital-para-democratizar-la-educacion-usando-inteligencia-artificial-noticia/

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