Women in Mechanical Integrity: The 2024 API Summit Event

Mujeres en la integridad mecánica

API Summit 2024 highlights crucial role of women in Mechanical Integrity

The “ Women in Mechanical Integrity: Leveling the Bar ” event took place this past Monday at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. This meeting This meeting was coordinated in collaboration with API as part of the API Summit 2024 .

The activity included a panel discussion, small group roundtables and open networking opportunities, addressing the challenges and achievements experienced by women in the field of mechanical integrity. Possibilities were also explored to support and strengthen women as collaborators in this industry.

During its development, the Inspenet team had the opportunity to talk with Leslie Ward, Anne and Lean, distinguished figures in the sector, who highlighted the importance of the female presence in the Mechanical Integrity industry. The event provided a platform to share knowledge and foster camaraderie among women who have played key roles in the sector.

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I think that this group that we women form in mechanical integrity could have a great impact .”

Anne, with more than 40 years of experience, expressed the relevance of transmitting information to the younger generation, underlining the importance of events that promote the participation of women in the industry . For her part, Leslie Ward shared her commitment to being available to support and encourage those new to the field, promoting women’s technical participation.

Likewise, Lean pointed out the positive impact that the women’s group in Mechanical Integrity can have by highlighting achievements and creating a space for encouragement and camaraderie. Regarding the participation of women in the industry , she mentioned that the group seeks to change the culture, although she acknowledged that there are still challenges to overcome.

Regarding women’s participation in the industry, Leslie Ward reflected on the change in recent years and noted the importance of addressing equal pay. It is anticipated that future events will include featured speakers focused on equal pay.

It is a challenge throughout the industry, regardless of women and men around the world. And it is very difficult to compare salaries”.

The professionals also highlighted the activities planned throughout the year, including attendance at technical events and meetings of women engineering organizations. Visibility at industry events, such as the Network of Women and Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineers, is essential.

With the aim of attracting more women to the industry, they highlighted the importance of emerging technologies, such as business intelligence and data analytics, which offer flexibility in employment and opportunities for female participation.

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