What would be the role of teachers in the face of the new GPT Chat and artificial intelligence?

Inspenet, April 15, 2023

Faced with this revolution and all the data available on the web, now the most intelligent is not the one who memorizes the answers, but the one who knows what to ask.

The fear of the insertion of technology is present and has always existed, says Claudia Tobar, director of Innovation and Linkage at the San Francisco de Quito University. “Since there was the calculator and everyone thought that now young people were going to stop thinking”, he summarizes the resistance of certain educators to implement technological advances in the classroom.

History, he says, is now repeating itself with Chat GPT , the chat system that is based on the language developed by OpenAI and that since its appearance in November 2022 has raised alarms in educational institutions worldwide.

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Artificial intelligence is here to stay

“The concern is the same, and the reasons or justification for that fear are the same,” continues Tobar. “Our brain likes to be in control and to know that we can anticipate what is going to happen; That is why the pandemic affected us at different levels ”, he recalls.

Thus, the presence of the GPT Chat revives in certain educators the feeling of having lost control over their students and their methods used. “We have not used this resource before, and that puts us at a disadvantage. We already knew how to teach in a certain way and we knew our abilities in that environment to be successful”, the educator specifies. “But now we are proposing to teachers that we get out of that famous comfort zone and expose ourselves to the fact that maybe we are not that good or maybe students are learning better on their own, without us, and then we have to re-understand and analyze why we teachers are really here.”

For Tobar, the fact that for the first time Ecuador is being impacted at the same time as the rest of the world by artificial intelligence is a valuable opportunity that could change the current educational model forever.

“Change the rules of the game. Traditional education has been focused on teaching students to give the answers, to learn them and to memorize them. Hopefully, some teachers taught you to apply the answers (…). But now the most intelligent is not the one who gives the answer, but the one who knows how to ask the questions, because the answers are already given, both by Google or by Chat GPT, which is drawing conclusions and associations based on the information it can collect”, details.

“So, I no longer have to teach them to give answers, but to cultivate their curiosity and ask good questions. (…) We have the opportunity to rethink what our classes are like and how we incorporate artificial intelligence into their classrooms instead of creating mechanisms to prevent students from using it”, stresses Tobar, who since before the pandemic was in favor of the construction of learning experiences in the classroom so that, with all the information available, students question and build new opportunities for their development.

Source : https://www.eluniverso.com/larevista/orientacion/cual-debe-ser-el-rol-docente-frente-a-la-irrupcion-del-chat-gpt-y-la-inteligencia-artificial- note/

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