Welltec Expandable Anchor: the new from Welltec for the construction of wells

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Welltec Expandable Anchor

Inspenet, September 5, 2023.

Welltec Expandable Anchor: the Welltec solution

Welltec has introduced the Welltec Expandable Anchor (WEA) system, a completion-of-life solution designed to secure cased holes. This system has already been successfully deployed in both onshore and deepwater operations in the Americas and the Middle East.

The WEA performs a variety of functions, including casing fastening, casing anchoring, internal tubing sealing, and cased hole plugging. Its design focuses on improving reliability, flexibility and efficiency in the well construction process.

“The WEA solution is a machined sleeve that uses a surface-controlled hydraulic expansion process used in well construction and completion. The technology has demonstrated reliability for both installation and long-term remediation capability,” said Paul Hazel, Welltec director of Global Solutions for completions.

“Many solutions on the market use a complex series of moving parts for assembly and have multiple constraints on hole geometry to provide reliable anchoring. This inevitably increases the risk of failure, which may result in costly repair work or may result in the finish being pulled to the surface to be repaired and run again. It is exactly this type of risk that we are eliminating with the WEA,” added Hazel.

Each product variant has been certified to the API 19LH V1 standard and is fully interoperable with Welltec’s range of Metal Expandable Packers (MEPs).

Source: https://www.oilreviewmiddleeast.com/exploration-production/welltec-deploys-new-completion-system-in-the-middle-east

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