Wave energy project powers Israel’s power grid

Isbel Lázaro.

energía de las olas

Swedish-Israeli wave energy company Eco Wave Power has begun delivering clean electricity from its EWP-EDF One project to Israel’s power grid. The construction of the project, located in the port of Jaffa and with an installed capacity of 100 KW composed of 10 floats, has been recently completed.

Funding for the project came from EDF Renewable IL, which owns 50% of the project, and the Israeli Ministry of Energy.

EWP-EDF One: the project to harness wave energy

In August 2023, the power plant was officially connected to Israel’s national power grid, marking a milestone as the first time that electricity generated by wave energy has been integrated into the grid. Currently, the engineering team is carrying out calibration of the power plant’s automation system, as well as durability and performance testing of the equipment.

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During a recent storm, Eco Wave Power reported that its engineering team tested the power station’s functionality in waves up to 3.5 meters and there was no damage to any of the float mechanisms. Furthermore, during the first series of tests, the plant managed to achieve a maximum power of approximately 32.4 KW, which was injected into the network, with an average production of around 10 KW per hour.

These results are encouraging for the first phase of testing and we expect to see a significant increase in production at the end of the testing phase ,” Eco Wave Power said.

The company’s next planned initiative will take place at the Port of Los Angeles, where Eco Wave Power already has a fully assembled energy conversion unit and floating mechanism. Recently, the company completed the civil engineering design for the installation of the floats on the marine structure in collaboration with KPFF, a California-based civil engineering firm. This design was officially approved by KPFF in terms of safety.

Detailed design and KPFF approval have already been submitted to the Port of Los Angeles and Eco Wave Power is currently awaiting the required final licenses from the Port of Los Angeles and the Army Corps of Engineers. Once obtained, the company will proceed to the production of seven additional floating mechanisms and will carry out the installation immediately.

The project in the Port of Los Angeles will be our first official penetration into the US market, which we consider an extremely strategic market for Eco Wave Power, especially considering that, according to the US Energy Information Administration, energy from waves can supply up to 66% of all US energy needs, and also taking into account the fact that in early October 2023, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed California Senate Bill 605 into law , a historic moment for wave energy in the United States”said Inna Braverman. , Founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power.

The legislation directs the California Energy Commission to evaluate the feasibility of wave and tidal energy in California, including the costs and benefits of deploying the technology along the state’s coast .”

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Source: offshore-energy.biz

Photo: ecowavepower.com

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