Vysus Group at API 2024: almost 100 years of solutions for the energy sector

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Vysus Group en API 2024

In an exclusive interview from the API Summit 2024, Vishal Lagad and Shervin Sadeghi, representatives of the asset and risk management company Vysus Group , proudly highlighted the company’s almost 100 years of experience.

Emerged from Lloyds Register Energy Group, Vysus Group has excelled in offering risk and asset management solutions, focusing on the energy transition .

We help our clients manage their risks and assets effectively .”

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Vysus Group at API 2024
Vysus Group representatives with the Inspenet team

Vishal Lagad, highlighted the importance of sponsoring the API Summit as a platinum sponsor, underscoring the exposure and opportunity to interact with industry leaders. For his part, Shervin Sadeghi detailed the company’s operations, underlining its global approach with a local presence, always ensuring a close relationship with its clients .

API has been very useful to us and is one of the places where industry leaders meet for inspection updates .”

Regarding artificial intelligence (AI), representatives explained how they have integrated it into their digital HazOp solution to make processes more efficient and interactive, marking a significant advance in the sector.

Artificial intelligence has been key to using it in the right place .”

Likewise, regarding daily operations, Shervin Sadeghi spoke about the group’s presence in different countries and highlighted the importance of being as close as possible to its clients.

We are a global organization with regional headquarters in KL as well as Europe. We are based in Norway and the USA. We are based in Houston. We also serve our clients from our offices in Calgary and Port of Spain (Trinidad). Our daily activity focuses on providing risk and asset management services to our clients. And we usually like to be where our clients are“.

Vysus Group, which has been present at several fairs and conferences worldwide, invited the Inspenet community, followers and other interested parties to visit their website or contact them through LinkedIn to learn more about their services in asset management and risks.

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Source and photos: Inspenet

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