Vision of the future: CAMIPA is moving towards sustainable mining

Inspenet, April 10, 2023

The Mining Chamber of Panama (CAMIPA) has announced its commitment to the adoption of Towards Sustainable Mining (HMS) within the framework of the 2023 Central America and Caribbean International Mining Expo .

HMS is a Canadian corporate social responsibility system that improves environmental and social practices in the mining sector.

Towards a more responsible Mining in Panama

CAMIPA and its affiliated companies will adopt a set of indicators that will make it possible to measure and publicly report on the most integral aspects of the mining industry in Panama. These indicators include those focused on caring for the environment and effective commitment to the community.

Roberto Cuevas, president of CAMIPA, stated: “This is an important occasion, we are proud to be part of this initiative that has proven to be essential for the mining sector to improve its contribution to the sustainable development of the regions where they operate.” In addition, Cuevas highlighted the importance of promoting the best practices and standards in relation to the country, communities, the environment, the productive system and the State.

Panama thus joins 12 other mining associations around the world, being the sixth in Latin America to adopt the HMS standard, along with Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and Argentina. CAMIPA will adopt the HMS indicators and commits to implement them in the next five years.

HMS is a globally recognized sustainability program that helps mining companies manage their major environmental and social responsibilities. It was the first mining sustainability standard in the world to require assessments at the site level and is mandatory for all member companies of the associations that apply it.

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