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Versa Integrity Group raises the bar in Positive Materials Identification

By: Inspenet, February 28, 2023

Versa Integrity Group, Inc. is an industrial services provider that provides a wide range of specialized services related to the maintenance, inspection and construction of mechanical and piping systems.

One of the services the company provides is Positive Material Identification (PMI) , using Proceq’s state-of-the-art PMI Equotip portable hardness tester, allowing inspection of almost any fabricated metal part, polished object, or heat-treated surface. This technology has become the standard for hardness testing in the automotive, aerospace, research, power, manufacturing, oil and gas, and transportation industries.

They also use External Reference Remote Field Technology (XRFT) an electromagnetic technique that uses remote field phenomena to create a naturally balanced system by using an external reference to reduce the effects of unwanted noise.

In addition, they perform OES/LIBS analysis ; It is used to verify the elemental composition and identification of the grade of alloys in metals. A comprehensive PMI program protects facilities from alloy blends that can cause costly accidents.

In the Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) technique, atoms are excited; this excitation energy comes from a spark formed between the sample and the electrode. By measuring the intensity of peaks in this spectrum, the OES analyzer can produce qualitative and quantitative analyzes of material composition. Although OES is considered a Non-Destructive Testing method, the spark leaves a small burn on the surface of the sample. One of the main reasons why OES technology is chosen over XRF is the superiority of OES in the measurement of light elements in metals such as carbon and aluminum.

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