V-Bunkers Unveils Singapore’s First Hybrid Electric Bunker Vessel

Inspenet, April 20, 2023

V-Bunkers introduced Marine Charge, Singapore’s first hybrid electric bunker ship. The ship has lithium-ion batteries and an automated power management system. It is expected to achieve an estimated 10% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The design configuration allows the auxiliary engines to run at the most optimal specific fuel consumption, while the Energy Storage System (ESS) reduces peaks during periods of low power consumption for use of stored energy during low power consumption. periods of high consumption. The ESS has recharging capabilities and although shore power supply is not currently available, the tanker is ready for when charging infrastructure and facilities become available in Singapore.

V-Bunkers placed an order for two vessels in 2021, with the second tanker, Marine Dynamo, scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of 2023. The tankers will be deployed for port operations within Singapore.

The vessels are being built by Zhejiang Shenzhou Sunshine Heavy Industry and were designed by a Singapore-based designer. They are built to Bureau Veritas (BV) class with the BV notation Electric-Hybrid. This notation addresses the complexity of hybrid electric system implementation, defining storage, power distribution, control, and instrumentation requirements, as well as the tests that must be performed to validate power management and critical safety considerations such as thermal runaway.

Mike Muller, Director of Vitol Asia, said: “We are delighted to be the first to bring ESS technology to the local bunkering industry and thus contribute to reducing emissions at the Port of Singapore, the fueling port of Singapore. largest fuel in the world. We will continue to support Singapore’s aspirations, led by the Singapore Maritime Ports Authority, to be a leader in maritime decarbonisation. We view the deployment of these two hybrid electric tankers as an important step in Singapore’s decarbonization journey.”

Source and photo: https://servicio-maritimo.com/v-bunkers-presenta-el-primer-buque-bunker-hibrido-electrico-de-singapur/

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