Universities participate in ‘Remote Laboratories for Engineering’

Inspenet, April 18, 2023

Professors from the Higher School of Computer Engineering and the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers, both in Albacete, Spain, participate in the Erasmus+ project ‘Remote Labs for Engineering’ (RL4Eng), led by the University of Yarmouk in Jordan.

The project aims to improve the quality of higher education in third countries and make it more relevant in the world of current digital transformation by establishing remote and virtual laboratories for the teaching and training of engineering students.

The basis of the project ‘Remote Labs for Engineering’ -Remote Laboratories for engineering- is online teaching. “Distance learning should be considered an important component of higher education and a tool to improve the competitiveness of universities in terms of cultivating an innovative educational environment,” the researchers say.

The project will last three years, in which the European partners will provide the consortium with tools and good practices so that students can connect to a remote server to carry out laboratory practices or so that they can carry out the experiment virtually at home. with remote and synchronous supervision of the teacher.

The RL4Eng consortium is made up of 15 members, from six different countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tanzania, Spain, and Germany) and three different geographical locations (two Midwestern, two Southern Mediterranean, and two European countries).

Source and photo : https://www.lacerca.com/noticias/universidad/proyecto-laboratorios-remotos-ingenieria-mejorar-educacion-superior-paises-659441-1.html

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