Universal Robots doubled production of the UR20 robot

robot ur20

Universal Robots , a global leader in collaborative robotics, reported that growing demand for its new UR20 collaborative robot motivated the company to accelerate production timelines.

The UR20 robot quickly gained favor among manufacturers seeking a cobot with extensive reach and payload, prompting Universal Robots to double its production capacity to address customer needs.

Bryan Bird, president of Universal Robots for America, said: “The extraordinary response to UR20 fills us with satisfaction. The rapid adoption by manufacturers speaks clearly to the significant impact this cobot is having on the industry.“.

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In response to demand, we have made the strategic decision to increase production faster than initially planned .”

Increase in production of the UR20 robot

The UR20 represents the start of the next generation of industrial cobots from Universal Robots, designed to elevate performance to higher levels while incorporating the hallmarks of UR, such as its versatility, ease of use and compact size. With a reach of 1750 mm and a payload capacity of 20 kg , this next-generation collaborative robot from UR tackles a greater variety of tasks, adapts to more applications and performs in a wider range of environments than ever before.

The success of the collaborative robot

The success of the cobot is highlighted by the positive experiences of renowned companies such as Ornua and Bob’s Red Mill, which have already incorporated the UR20 into their manufacturing processes.

Bob’s Red Mill, a renowned whole grain manufacturer, has been looking for many years to use collaborative robots for palletizing tasks. However, it had not previously found a solution that met the speed, payload and range requirements until the introduction of the UR20 robot . This new larger cobot from Universal Robots now successfully meets the necessary cycle times, freeing up four operators and contributing to the company’s growth.

In this regard, Nick Chow, engineering and manufacturing manager at Bob’s Red Mill, said: “ We have been looking at UR cobots for a long time; We appreciate the simplicity, its track record, and the out-of-the-box features .”

For its part, Ornua Ingredients, a division of the Irish dairy cooperative Ornua, has introduced the UR20 cobot in palletizing operations at the end of the line, one of the most labor-intensive tasks in the company. Jack Cotton, continuous improvement leader at Ornua, commented: ” We assessed that palletizing would be the first area in which to implement automation, given the amount of human resources we required .”

When we learned what the UR20 could do, we were excited by the capabilities, both in terms of lifting capacity and arm reach, which were perfect for the delicate products we needed support for .”

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