United Arab Emirates and Israel developed autonomous boat

Inspenet, February 22, 2023

Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) carried out a joint maritime demonstration with an autonomous ship, during which they fulfilled a series of military and commercial missions.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Emirati firms EDGE and ADSB performed the demonstration at the NAVDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The autonomous craft jointly produced by the Israeli and UAE companies is equipped with sensors, sonar and imaging systems integrated into a unified command and control system, which is operated partially or fully remotely.

The new system was presented just over a year after the signing of a commercial cooperation agreement between the companies, under which EDGE and ADSB (Abu Dhabi Ship Building, the leading shipyard in the region) use their capabilities in the design , production, maintenance, adaptation and conversion of boats.

ADSB is in charge of the design of the platform, the integration of the sensors and control systems on board the ship and the development of its operational concept. IAI for its part develops and supplies the autonomous control system and integrates a range of dedicated sensors into the control unit, all according to the needs of the program, as reported.

Among the possible military applications of the autonomous ship, activities related to intelligence, monitoring, observation and surveillance of borders and coasts stand out.

It can also be deployed to fulfill missions of maritime security, mine detection, submarine detection and anti-submarine warfare, and deployment of vertical take-off and landing platforms.

The vessels, spokespersons for the companies, are also suitable for civil applications, including oceanography, detection and monitoring of pollution levels, oil and gas drilling, transportation of liquid materials, search and rescue, and firefighting.

Source : https://www.israeleconomico.com/medio-oriente/emiratos-arabes-unidos-e-israel-presentaron-la-nave-autonoma-que-desarrollaron-en-conjunto/

Photo : Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

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