They test an underwater drone to study the ocean floor

dron submarino

Within the framework of Project Odisseo, the first test was carried out off the coast near the port of Casamicciola Terme, in Naples, Italy, using an underwater drone .

The Italian transmission system operator (TSO), Terna , started a project in collaboration with the American startup Terra Depth with the aim of testing innovative approaches to study the seabed and plan environmentally friendly underwater electrical connections .

Study of the ocean through the Gavia underwater drone

During the geophysical survey of the seabed, Terna technicians evaluated the performance of the Gavia drone , a Terra Depth Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) equipped with advanced sensors, including an echo sounder (MBES), a side scan sonar and an HD camera. . Terna established contact with Terra Depth through its “Innovation Antenna” in San Francisco, which aims to physically explore and monitor the innovation ecosystem in the United States, facilitating dialogue with startups located in that region.

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The partnership with Terra Depth has enabled the testing of innovative technologies, such as underwater drones, which can complement and integrate traditional tools used to examine the seabed. Terna invests significant resources in marine prospecting, which is a strategic practice for the effective planning of technologically advanced underwater electrical connections”said Terna’s Director of Major Projects and International Development, Giacomo Donnini.

The Odisseo Project is considered one of approximately 70 innovation projects launched by Terna in five different technological areas. These include Digital (smart solutions for power and energy management), Energy Tech (innovative solutions employing more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies), Grid Tech (technology for effective management of grid infrastructure), Advanced Materials (research and development for the use of ecological materials with reduced environmental impacts) and Robotics (process automation).

According to Italian transmission system operator (TSO), Terna, the security of subsea assets is a key factor in the design, which involves the adoption of appropriate techniques for cable laying and protection. In this context, it is highlighted that the implementation and adoption of cutting-edge technology are enabling factors to guarantee the security of these assets.

Terna remains open to experimentation with innovative solutions such as autonomous underwater vehicles, to explore their possible use to support the planning of complex strategic infrastructures such as large underwater electrical connections, with a special focus on sustainability. Terna is a world leader in this regard”said Terna’s Director of Innovation and Market Solutions, Massimiliano Garri.

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