United Kingdom: Companies sign agreement to dismantle platform in the North Sea

Reino Unido

Inspenet, October 31, 2023.

Petrofac Inc. and Saipem SpA have secured a contract to provide support in the decommissioning process of a platform in the North Sea, located in the United Kingdom.

As established in the terms of the contract, both companies will collaborate in the preparation and extraction of the upper part of this platform, which weighs around 20,000 metric tons. To carry out this task, they will use the Saipem 7000 , one of the largest semi-submersible heavy lift vessels in the world.

Petrofac announced these details in a press release last week. Although specific financial details of the contract were not disclosed, the energy services company described the deal as “multi-million dollar.”

It should be noted that the company plans to execute the project in two phases over a period of three years. The first phase will focus on preparations aboard the platform, while the second phase will consist of the actual removal campaign, carried out with the assistance of the Saipem 7000. The scope of the Petrofac contract includes activities such as the separation of modules, the inspection of lifting points, the installation of new lifting points, lifting and finally the separation of caissons.

Additionally, Petrofac has been awarded a three-year contract extension to support Repsol Sinopec Resources UK’s operations in the North Sea, a contract in excess of $100 million that aims to provide services related to the operation and maintenance, as announced by Petrofac in a previous statement.

Since Petrofac’s initial appointment by Repsol Sinopec in 2016, the scope of tasks has seen steady growth and in 2020 Petrofac was awarded contracts for a further six assets in the North Sea. This encompasses a range of services covering several assets including Arbroath, Auk, Bleo Holm, Claymore, Clyde, Fulmar, Montrose, Piper, Saltire and Tartan in the North Sea. Petrofac also supports Flotta Oil and Nigg Oil terminals.

Likewise, earlier this month, ADNOC Gas plc awarded an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract worth $615 million (equivalent to AED 2.26 billion) to Petrofac Emirates LLC for the construction of carbon capture, pipeline infrastructure and a system of wells intended for carbon dioxide injection. These elements will be implemented at the Habshan gas processing plant, as part of ADNOC’s plan to accelerate decarbonization .

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Source: https://www.ogv.energy/news-item/petrofac-saipem-bag-multimillion-deal-for-uk-platform-decommissioning

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