Rolls-Royce bets on decarbonization by developing a gas turbine engine


Inspenet, October 15, 2023.

Rolls-Royce has developed a compact and lightweight gas turbine engine that has the capacity to provide power ranging from 500 kW (equivalent to 680 hp) to 1,200 kW (equivalent to 1,632 hp).

Rolls-Royce commits to decarbonizing urban transport

Recently, Rolls-Royce announced the successful initial firing of its innovative engine, which is a gas turbine system specially designed for use in hybrid flights. This engine is designed to serve as a generator in aircraft that use electric propulsion systems, as well as to operate as a turbine with the purpose of extending its autonomy and, consequently, enabling longer journeys and greater cargo transportation.

It should be noted that Rolls-Royce, which is the second largest producer of aviation engines worldwide, has successfully completed the first ignition phase of an engine that has been specifically designed for use in hybrid flights, with a focus particularly in aircraft designed for short takeoffs and vertical takeoffs in urban environments.

A compact and efficient engine as a generator

The new Rolls-Royce engine features a gas turbine system, with an adaptable design capable of generating power ranging between 680 and 1,632 horsepower and is designed to operate using sustainable aviation fuels, with future prospects of using hydrogen .

This turbine engine will be deployed as a generator and its main audience is made up of aircraft manufacturers focused on urban mobility, covering both short take-off aircraft and those that take off vertically.

Furthermore, the company has considered that this turbine generator may find applications in a variety of other contexts, ranging from helicopters and auxiliary power generators to, of course, applications in the defense field.

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