Türkiye begins drilling operations in the Black Sea


Inspenet, October 7, 2023.

Türkiye Petrolleri AO (TPAO) , the leading national company in the oil and gas industry in Turkey, has launched the drilling of a recent well in the Black Sea with the purpose of increasing hydrocarbon extraction and further strengthening security. energy of the country.

Importantly, the country has been making efforts to strengthen its energy independence, including the addition of its first drillship, the Fatih, in 2017, followed by the Yavuz in 2018, the Kanuni in 2020 and the Abdülhamid Han in 2021; The Fatih being the ship that discovered the vast Sakarya gas field in August 2020.

Türkiye active in its operations

According to TPAO, the aforementioned vessel has started drilling in a new location in the Black Sea, specifically in the Filyos-1 well. With the aim of making new discoveries, the energy company confirms its continued activity in drilling operations.

After the discovery of natural gas carried out by the Fatih vessel in December 2022 in the Çaycuma 1 block, Türkiye’s natural gas reserves, which were previously 540 bcm, were adjusted to 652 bcm, thus increasing the total natural gas reserves in the Black Sea of the country at 710 bcm.

The Sakarya project, which has been a source of national pride, was expected to begin supplying gas in the first quarter of 2023, probably in March. However, due to the intense earthquakes that affected Turkey and Syria, several projects experienced delays, resulting in a postponement of the delivery date of the first Black Sea gas to April 20, 2023.

Furthermore, at the opening of the 21st International Petroleum and Natural Gas Congress and Exhibition (IPETGAS 2023) on September 28, 2023, Melih Han Bilgin, who is Director General of TPAO, announced that the capacity of the Sakarya gas field would be increased gradually.

Despite noting that hydrocarbon production in the country exceeds production abroad, Bilgin also added that: “All production increases are actually production sizes achieved through organic growth. The successes we have achieved here are evident as we have focused on more exploration and production. Our goal is 98,000 barrels“.

We have achieved the national production target like all the staff of Turkish Petroleum Joint Stock Company. We are proud of all our colleagues in this effort, but let it be known that the road ahead is more difficult, Turkish Petroleum Joint Stock Company will be a production company that speaks of millions of barrels.

Source: https://www.worldenergytrade.com/oil-gas/perforacion/el-buque-de-perforacion-de-turquia-inicia-las-operaciones-de-perforacion-en-el-mar-negro

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