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Trenton Corp. exhibited Seal-Wrap at AMPP Conference 2023

Inspenet, March 22, 2023

The AMPP 2023 Conference & Exposition is full of amazing and innovative equipment, products and services. Inspenet is at the Denver Convention Center, USA, at this event that started on Sunday and ends tomorrow, Thursday, March 23, where more than 400 international companies are exhibiting the latest corrosion technologies.

Pete Gallus, Regional Sales Manager for Trenton Corporation – Anti-Corrosion Materials, gave Inspenet this exclusive interview, detailing the innovative Seal-Wrap product.

Since 1949 Trenton Corporation has pioneered the development of petroleum-based anti-corrosion wax products. Providing excellent anti-corrosion coating systems for a variety of environments. A complete protection system, including a selection of primers, tapes and coatings.

“We have been coming to these conferences for 40 years, we are a national producer of anticorrosive materials for piping systems, irregularly shaped pipes, fittings, valves,” Gallus explained.

Seal-Wrap is a sealing coating on the ends of the jacket. It is made of heavy glass wool, together with a high quality dielectric butyl putty. It is fixed in place with a stainless steel band.

“This is a very simple application it is a field applied coating, a simple hand wire brush, no power tools needed no sandblasting equipment or torches needed, a hand wire brush is compatible with all systems of coating. Once the material has been cleaned we can take our primer and just coat whatever you want to wrap, it doesn’t have to be much, just a fresh coat and that wax soaks into the steel, displacing moisture. Then you can put the tape. There are several tape options that you can use. But you can see how it adjusts to their regular shapes, so in that sense there really aren’t many products out there that can compete with this,” Gallus explained.

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