Transpetro reaffirms its leadership and commitment at the XIX SLOM 2023 Conference

Inspenet, September 29, 2023.

Inspenet, your knowledge and professional projection platform, is still present at the XIX Conference of Maritime Oil Terminal and Monobuoy Operators to provide you with all the information related to the trends and innovations offered by the maritime industry.

Within the framework of this important event we had the privilege of obtaining an exclusive interview with the president of Transpetro, Sergio Bacci to hear firsthand his opinion and expectations in this regard, at the same time that he demonstrated his enthusiasm for being an official sponsor of the meeting.

“What we hope for is the effective integration of the companies that take care of the oil terminals and monopolies, that they learn a lot here so that we can have more transparency and more information, so that our activities are better involved in our terminals, in our monopolies, in our work .”

Interview with Sergio Bacci by the Inspenet team

Likewise, Bacci stressed that the company has undertaken large-scale projects, one of the most important being the resumption of ship construction in Brazil, with the initial goal being the construction of 25 coastal shipping vessels in the next eight years to boost the coastal transportation in the country.

It is important for Petrobras to have more of its own vessels so that we can balance the cost of maritime transportation .”

Another relevant aspect expressed by Bacci is the importance of international collaboration and the role of Transpetro in the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa), defining this collaboration as an opportunity to strengthen relations with these countries and also to explore partnerships with Africa.

Regarding the panorama of the maritime, petrochemical and energy industry worldwide, Bacci highlights the importance of developing the maritime industry in Brazil so as not to depend excessively on third parties in global trade. Additionally, it mentions the company’s efforts to adopt greener technologies, such as the implementation of solar energy solutions in its terminals, with plans to expand this initiative.

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About Transpetro

Transpetro is a leading company in the transportation and logistics of oil and oil derivatives in Brazil. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, the company plays a crucial role in the country’s energy supply chain, contributing to economic development and compliance with the most demanding environmental standards.

Its commitment to promoting responsible practices and advanced technologies in the shipping industry is growing stronger.

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