Tinker & Rasor presented modern Holiday detectors at AMPP 2023

Inspenet, March 23, 2023

Inspenet, continues from the Denver Convention Center, USA at the AMPP 2023 Conference and Exhibition , which ends today, where different professionals from the area of corrosion meet.

Within the framework of the event, Mark J. Byerley Sr., CEO of Tinker & Rasor and former President of NACE International, 2009 – 2010, was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview where he discussed details about the modern Holiday detectors manufactured by the company.

Tinker & Rasor is an electronics company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of Holiday detectors (Porosity Detectors), Detectron pipe, cable and fluid leak locators, as well as an important line of cathodic protection instrumentation.

1573 Foto AMPP Tinker and Rasor
Mark J. Byerley Sr., CEO of Tinker & Rasor during the AMPP 2023 Conference & Expo

“Our company has been in business since 1948, this will be our 75th anniversary. We are the number three exhibitor in the history of NACE, so we were the third stand. What we do here at the conference is meet with our international clients I guess the clients who come and then we see a lot of our friends from the United States,” Byerley explained.

In addition, he discussed the benefits of the Holiday model AP/W high-voltage, belt-portable detector. This equipment is used in tanks, sewage systems, can be worn on the hip with a belt and allows hands free. “When we turn the unit on it develops a voltage and as soon as it hits a holiday, we have much louder sound and we have a visual tone. Also, we have the APS model, “Tipo Palo”, mainly for pipe work”, adds Byerley.

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