This Week on Tech Talking: DNV GL Technical Keynotes at AMPP Conference 2023


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Inspenet, May 15, 2023

The Tech Talking program this Wednesday, May 17, will have Dr. José Vera as a guest, who will be talking with Eng. Francesco Solari, CEO of Inspenet, on the DNV GL Technical Presentations at the AMPP 2023 Conference.

José Vera, is a Chemical Engineer, with Ph.D. in chemistry. He has more than 45 years of professional experience, dedicated to corrosion control, material selection and applied electrochemistry. Dr. Vera is a Senior Principal Engineer and holds the position of Senior Program Manager at DNV GL, where he is responsible for developing technologies and programs to address corrosion and erosion needs primarily in the Oil&Gas industry.

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Before joining DNV GL; Vera was noted as a research leader in corrosion control and inhibition for BP E&P Technology’s flagship. He has also had experience managing technical departments, business units and complex interdisciplinary projects. He received the 2009 NACE International Fellow Award for distinguished contributions in the fields of corrosion and its prevention.

In Tech Talking they will talk about DNV’s technical work

In this episode of Tech Talking, Dr. José Vera comments on the technical works presented by the company DNV during the AMPP 2023 Annual Conference and Expo: three exhibitions based on mechanisms for corrosion control.

One of the works consisted of the research methodology used in the DNV laboratories, to evaluate and characterize the efficiency and kinetics of injected inhibitors (H sequestering agent2S) in piping systems for H control2S. The following presentation dealt with the evaluation methodology of the different ways of injecting these inhibitors into the pipes so that the treatment is more effective, where he explains the experimental way of how the tests were carried out in the laboratory.

And finally, the work on studies carried out to detect affectations caused by drag reduction agents (DRA / Drag Reducing Agent) in piping systems when they are used to improve energy efficiency by reducing friction and flow resistance was presented. , also explains part of the simulation of the process carried out.

He also mentions the presentations on corrosion mechanisms in energy transformation, based on the transport of hydrogen and CO 2 , this being a fundamental factor towards the energy transition.

Likewise, Vera talks about the reuse of assets and pipelines in conjunction with the development of new practices for the transport of hydrogen, mainly over long distances.

We invite you to learn more about these interesting topics, this Wednesday, May 17 at 5:00 p.m. Mexico, 6:00 p.m. Houston / Colombia.

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