This new Agility robot could do your job

By: Inspenet, March 28, 2023

As technology advances, more jobs may be replaced by robots. And the logistics sector, like many others, has been automated and many tasks that were previously performed by humans are now being delegated to machines, so the development of robotics is growing by leaps and bounds.

The Agility Robotics company has introduced Digit V4, a multipurpose robot designed for logistical tasks, such as moving boxes from shelves to conveyor belts, moving packages from one place to another, going in a moving truck and unloading items when they are ready. arrive at destination.

1589 Robot Agility 2
This new Agility robot does logistics work

Agility says that its new robot is designed for such tasks, and that adopting its robot into production is as simple as putting it to work. As it has been designed to work in human environments, there is no need to modify the infrastructure or the logistics processes, which also translates into saving money. “Digit is the size and shape of a human being and is ready to work in your space,” they explain.

The firm emphasizes the multipurpose capabilities of the device. They point out that it can do a variety of tasks and adapt to different workflows. They even ensure that the system is dynamic, which allows you to quickly switch between different tasks and can be programmed to work in shifts. One turn doing a certain task and another turn doing another task.

1589 Robot Agility 3
The company Agility Robotics has presented Digit V4

At the specification level, this new automaton has a height of 175 cm, a weight of 65 kg and can carry up to 16 kg. The Digit, according to the manufacturer, can work without a break between 16 and 24 hours. Once his autonomy is reaching a limit level, he takes it upon himself to go to a charging station.

You can walk forwards, backwards, sideways, and even turn in place. Also walk crouched and on uneven ground. Other of his abilities include stopping when he perceives a person or obstacle.

1589 Robot Agility 4
The Digit robot can carry up to 16 kg.

From Agility Robotics they say they hope to deliver their first robots early next year and announce general availability from 2025. The firm also indicates that according to their work philosophy they do not try to replace people, but rather create machines “that can work in our spaces with us”.

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