This month the XI International LITIO Seminar will begin in the South American region

By : Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, May 20, 2022

Panorama Minero, organizes the eleventh edition of its renowned International Seminar: Lithium in the South American Region, will be held in the province of Catamarca, Argentina, from May 31 to June 1, 2022. An influx of more than 500 people and an entirely face-to-face modality is expected, recovering the international presence and the rhythm of the editions prior to the pandemic.

The meeting, one of the spaces preferred by industry leaders on a global scale, includes a double day of conferences given by lithium companies, specialized consultants, technical organizations and mining specialists. In addition, the sponsors will be able to access personalized meetings and exchanges between mining companies and suppliers and participate in the different business rounds that will take place at the event.

The symposium also has simultaneous translation to enjoy the conferences in Spanish and English and different interaction spaces in which it will be possible to consolidate institutional and business relations between the actors that participate in this industry. An industry that registers a high protagonism from the electrification of transport and increasingly solid perspectives at the international level that revalue the role of Argentina as a producer of this resource.

The chosen format will be 100% face-to-face -in the strategic region of northwestern Argentina- and an audience is expected to be mainly made up of small and large-scale supplier companies, mining companies with operations in the country and the region, related officials and institutions, international representatives , students and community representatives.

During both days, the situation of lithium operations with activity in the country will be analyzed, the scenario at the market level and the increase in lithium prices, the prospects of supply and demand and the role of the Lithium Triangle, the appearance of new technologies and the current state of the industry in strategic regions such as Argentina, Chile, the United States, China and Europe, among others.

Companies such as YPF, Minera Exar, Shneider Electric, John Deere, TecPetrol, among others, will be present at the event. And interesting conferences will be given, among which the following stand out: “Conversation: The central issues of lithium in Argentina”, “Gender and talent development in the lithium industry”, “YPF: Certified quality of fuels and lubricants”.

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