18 MW wind turbine to be installed in the Sea of ​​Japan

aerogenerador en el mar de Japón

Inspenet, December 18, 2023.

The three consortia chosen in the second phase of offshore wind energy auctions by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will use some of the largest and most powerful wind turbines available on the market: the Vestas V236-15 MW and the Haliade -X of 18 MW from GE.

RWE, which has secured a site in collaboration with its partners Mitsui & Co. and Osaka Gas off the cities of Murakami and Tainai in Niigata Prefecture, has plans to build a 684 MW offshore wind farm consisting of 38 GE turbines , each with a capacity of 18 MW.

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GE’s next-generation Haliade-X turbine was unveiled at a meeting with investors in March this year. Scott L. Strazik, CEO of GE Vernova, noted that the offshore wind market was receptive to the Haliade-X variant, which has a capacity ranging between 17 MW and 18 MW. Currently, the company’s most powerful Haliade-X turbine has a capacity of 14.7 MW.

The two remaining consortia, one led by JERA and the other by Sumitomo Corporation, have selected Vestas’ 15 MW offshore wind turbine. In the case of the consortium led by JERA, which will build a 315 MW wind farm in the Akita prefecture, 21 15 MW Vestas wind turbines will be installed.

For its part, Sumitomo and its collaborators plan to install 28 units of the same model in their project located in Nagasaki prefecture.

Vestas has just obtained the type certificate for its V236-15 MW offshore wind turbine. The prototype was installed at the National Large Wind Turbine Test Center in Østerild, West Jutland, Denmark, in December 2022. Three months later, the turbine reached its nominal capacity of 15 MW. In August, the unit set a world record for achieving the highest energy production by a single wind turbine in 24 hours, generating 363 MWh during that period.

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Source: worldenergytrade.com

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