They will grant credits to mine bitcoin with green energy in Mexico

By : Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, May 23, 2022

The crowdfunding company RedGirasol held a webinar where it showed its project to promote bitcoin mining in Mexico, with a pilot plan that will put 11 mining equipment into operation in Puebla, offering hosting and operation of mining equipment.

The crowdfunding company RedGirasol seeks to take advantage of the more than 100 solar panels (61.03 kw) that it has unused, through the granting of credits to mine bitcoin. Its plan is to install a mining farm in the city of Puebla, southeast of the country’s capital, to finance the acquisition of ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) and to offer hosting and equipment operation services with clean energy.

Mauricio de Mucha, founder of RedGirasol, explained during a webinar that after a study it was determined that Bitcoin mining is the best alternative to base the future plans of the company. This taking into account that it recently received the definitive endorsement to operate as a financial technology institution under the supervision of the National Banking and Securities Commission and the Bank of Mexico.

Senator Indira Kempis was invited to the virtual meeting, applauding RedGirasol’s initiative to offer a sustainable alternative for Bitcoin mining, precisely at a time when the industry has been singled out for its climate impact due to high consumption. of energy.

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“Energy consumption is going to continue to increase in the world, not because of bitcoin, but because of the multiple industries that exist on the planet and the very activity of human beings. In addition, digital mining is increasingly demanding because it requires more powerful equipment that in turn requires more energy and greater investment to acquire. All this makes Bitcoin mining less and less accessible for the majority and that is why we have designed a solution to reverse these elements that today play against the development of this sector”, explained Mauricio de Mucha, founder of the mining platform. collective financing RedGirasol.

The pilot project consists of the installation of a small Bitcoin mining farm in the city of Puebla, specifically in the facilities of the solar energy company Ergosolar, which already has more than 60 solar panels installed.

De Mucha added that this new mining center will work, in its first stage, with 11 Bitmain S19J Pro Antminers. RedGirasol’s plan is that all the ASICs that it will put into operation remain powered by “green” or clean energy, since the farm will operate with more than 160 solar panels.

The RedGirasol team believes that their proposal makes clean energy Bitcoin mining more accessible to Mexicans.

Mauricio de Mucha added that the miners’ operations will not only be powered by clean energy, but also the miners will be able to offset their carbon footprint by purchasing bonds. This with the idea of making profitable other environmental projects that previously did not have economic feasibility.

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