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These are the latest news on inspection, NDT and robotic solutions from Eddyfi Technologies

Inspenet, March 1, 2023

Canadian company Eddyfi Technologies offers the highest performing NDT inspection technologies and robotic solutions in the world. On this occasion, we recommend you to know the latest news, equipment and devices of this company.

Heat Exchanger Defect Detection Near Support Plates Enhanced by New RFA Technology

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Critical defect detection and characterization during petrochemical plant shutdowns is non-negotiable. Remote-field testing (RFT) technology is a standard method for inspecting carbon steel heat exchanger tubing, but the technology has its limits. Critical defects like pitting, corrosion, and baffle wear can be hidden underneath or near support plates and are nearly impossible to distinguish from the support plate signal itself using RFT technology. Even a single petrochemical heat exchanger can contain over a hundred tubes per bundle; multiply this by the numerous heat exchangers inspected during a shutdown and the job quickly becomes consequential. When time is of the essence, you must ensure that your inspection data is right – not just right on time. Therefore, Eddyfi Technologies is proud to present a new solution that can help improve detection of potential flaws in petrochemical heat exchangers.

Inspection of Welds with Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) Cladding

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In order to extend the service life of oil, gas and petrochemical components prone to corrosion, the use of Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) cladding and/or weld overlays are now common practice, and pipelines transporting hot and corrosive materials are no exception. When it comes to inspecting these clad pipelines, inspectors must —among other things— pay attention to the dissimilar girth welds, including weld root integrity as a failure here equates to carbon steel being exposed to sour fluids and potentially catastrophic consequences.

When PoD Matters – Microbially Induced Corrosion

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Quality assurance during manufacturing is being extended to online inspection and integrity management for aging plants given the increased awareness of the consequences of in-service damage mechanisms. Microbially Induced Corrosion, or MIC, is a common problem in carbon steel pipelines, often causing isolated corrosion pitting due to biological growth. The main risk of MIC is its ability to eat through a pipe or tube wall in a matter of weeks, particularly if equipment is left with stagnant, untreated water. MIC can be difficult to detect due to its isolated and narrow nature. The Beyond Current solution? Read on to find out!

The One For All: Sonyks Software Version 1.1

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The latest Sonyks™ software release by Eddyfi Technologies is the welcome NDT tool for guided wave testing inspections, allowing inspectors to collect all necessary data in one go. It delivers reliable data results without the need for repeated testing and has features such as the ability to scan through all frequencies, instantaneous C-scan and secondary focusing, pan and zoom functionality, and a touchscreen-friendly interface. This article showcases just how Sonyks software version 1.1 is all for one, and one for all.

Source and Photos: Eddyfi Technologies

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