Eve robot now obeys voice commands

Eve's commercial units were launched in January, marking a new era in assistive and industrial robotics.
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Robot Eve

The Eve robot, developed by 1X Technologies, has received an upgrade that allows it to perform multiple tasks followed by voice instructions. This improvement has been made possible by the addition of a voice-controlled natural language interface, which facilitates users’ ability to instruct various robots to execute various tasks simply by using their voice.

What are the new capabilities of Robot Eve?

Humans can now ask Eve to perform a general task and the robot is able to handle a variety of related activities autonomously. 1X Technologies shared a demonstration video in which a user asks Eve to tidy up a space and the robot is seen independently picking up, putting away objects, and wiping down tables.


Eve can multitask. Source: 1X

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Previously, 1X had explored an autonomous model that integrated related tasks, but they found that small-scale systems negatively influenced the robot’s behavior. Eric Jang, vice president of AI at 1X, explained that while humans can perform long-term tasks without difficulty, stringing together multiple skills into autonomous robots is complicated. This is because the second skill must adapt to the slightly different initial positions in which the robot finds itself after completing the first skill. This challenge intensifies with each additional skill.

1X simplifies complexity with a single neural network

To address this complexity, 1X integrated multiple processes into a single neural network, allowing the voice-controlled interface to handle chained commands. According to Jang, from the user’s perspective, the robot appears capable of performing many tasks in natural language, while the actual number of models controlling the robot is abstracted.

This allows merging single-task models into goal-conditioned models over time.

In addition, single-task models provide a solid basis for performing shadow mode evaluations, comparing how the predictions of a new model differ from an existing baseline during testing. Once the goal-driven model aligns well with the predictions of the single-task model, it is possible to switch to a more powerful unified model without altering the user’s workflow.

Eve’s commercial availability

1X Technologies formerly known as Halodi Robotics, is a Norwegian robotics company backed by OpenAI. This company is focused on building humanoid robots that can function both as personal assistants and in industrial environments. The company’s Eve units became commercially available in January.

The integration of natural language interface in robots such as Eve facilitates the automation of everyday tasks and opens up new opportunities in sectors such as healthcare, where robots could assist medical professionals in delicate procedures, improving efficiency and accuracy.

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Source: iotworldtoday

Photo: 1x.tech

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