The Great Renaissance Dam entered its final phase of filling

La Gran Presa del Renacimiento

The Ethiopian government has reported that the final phase of filling the Grand Renaissance Dam has begun , marking the close of twelve years of construction. Demeke Mekonnen, president of the Executive Committee of the National Council for the Coordination of the Dam, stated that the project has reached 94.6% progress.

During the start of filling in the fifth basin of the Blue Nile River, he expressed his gratitude to the Ethiopian population for the 18.734 million birr (approximately 300 million euros) contributed in taxes since the beginning of the construction of the dam.

However, Demeke expressed regret at the failure of recent talks with Egypt and Sudan, who have pointed out the project as a threat to their farmers.

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At the last meeting, which took place last month, Egypt decided to end the negotiations, accusing Ethiopia of rejecting “any compromise solution, technical or legal, that could benefit the three countries,” according to the Ministry of Irrigation. Egyptian. The ministry also accused Ethiopia of using the talks as a tactic to buy time while considering the completion of the dam a “fait accompli.”

Instead, Demeke blamed Cairo for unilaterally ending the talks, noting that they concluded “without reaching an agreement on the most fundamental aspects” and ended “after Egypt considered that this tripartite negotiation was no longer necessary.” as reported by the Ethiopian national agency, ENA.

The discord surrounding the Great Renaissance Dam

The construction of the Great Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile has caused discord between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia. This project has raised concerns about the water security of Egypt, which is significantly dependent on the Nile River for its water supply.

Negotiations between the countries have faced obstacles, with mutual accusations of a lack of commitment. Tension intensified following the recent collapse of talks, exacerbating concerns about the project’s impact on the region and the need to find solutions that address the concerns of all parties involved.

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