Bill Gates and TerraPower build nuclear reactor plant in the U.S.

The Natrium plant, with its capacity to increase production to 500 MW, will facilitate integration with renewable sources.
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Reactores nucleares

Billionaire Bill Gates initiated the construction of a nuclear reactor plant called Natrium in Kemmerer. This project represents the first advanced reactor plant of its kind in the United States.

Gates joined company colleagues, government officials, project partners, industry advocates and community members for the groundbreaking ceremony for the reactor plant in Wyoming

The groundbreaking ceremony marked the beginning of construction and was held shortly after the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission accepted TerraPower’s application for a construction permit. Nuclear construction will begin once this application is approved and is expected to start in 2026. Once completed, the plant will employ 1,600 workers during construction and 250 people for daily operations.

Impact of the Natrium reactor on the economy and the climate

The 345 MWe sodium-cooled fast reactor, equipped with an energy storage system based on molten salt-based energy storage system The 345 MWe sodium-cooled fast reactor, equipped with a molten salt-based energy storage system, has the capacity to increase its output to 500 MW as needed. This will allow for efficient integration with renewable resources.

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Located near a disused coal plant, this project represents a step toward clean, renewable energy. clean, renewable energy . But to operate the reactor, TerraPower will have to obtain a separate operating license.

In his GatesNotes blog blog, Bill Gates commented that the Natrium plant represents a safe, next-generation nuclear technology. This breakthrough is crucial for the local economy and U.S. energy independence, and for the fight against climate change.

Construction of the plant is expected to take 5 years and employ 1,600 workers at its peak. Once operational, the demonstration plant will operate commercially and will require about 250 people for daily operations, including plant security.

Crucial role of public-private partnerships

Gates stressed the importance of collaboration between the private sector and public leaders for the success of this project. He thanked local leaders and communities, as well as federal support through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program. He also recognized development partners such as Bechtel, GE Hitachi, PacifiCorp and Berkshire Hathaway.

Although these projects are ambitious and involve risks, they are essential to our future. Gates expressed his pride in all those involved in building the world’s most advanced nuclear project in the U.S. The next-generation nuclear power plant that TerraPower is building will power the country’s and the world’s energy future, contributing to economic and climate goals with clean and abundant energy.

The Natrium reactor, according to Chris Levesque, president and CEO of TerraPower, marks the beginning of a new era in nuclear power. This innovative design will facilitate the transition to clean energy and support historic energy communities.

Bechtel digital technology in nuclear reactor plant

Bechtel, the engineering, procurement and construction partner, has a long history with Kemmerer. Craig Albert, president and COO of Bechtel, recalled the construction of the Naughton power plant in the 1960s and expressed his pride in now contributing to a cleaner future. Natrium’s design, with less need for expensive structures and materials, presents itself as a visionary and efficient solution.

Bechtel’s involvement from the beginning has optimized the entire life cycle of the project, making it cost-effective and fast. This will be the first nuclear project to benefit from Bechtel’s digital Bechtel’s digital tools and systems digital tools and systems, which have proven their effectiveness in other large energy projects.

The Natrium reactor’s molten salt-based energy storage technology improves efficiency and allows for greater operational flexibility, positioning this plant as a role model in the integration of nuclear and renewable energy.

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Photo: gatesnotes

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