Onshore wind energy tenders reduced in Germany

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Inspenet, October 28, 2023.

New measures for onshore wind energy

Germany’s Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has downwardly modified the capacity offered in its onshore wind tender, which is still in the process of accepting offers until November 1. This decision is based on the expectation that the initially announced capacity could exceed the number of proposals submitted .

For its part, the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) has highlighted that this is the third consecutive time that the agency has adjusted downwards the capacity offered in onshore wind energy tenders. In response to this situation, Bärbel Heidebroek, President of BWE, stated:

With the massive reduction of more than a third to 2,086MW, BNetzA is reducing the volume of tenders for the third time in a row. The BWE had already indicated that there are enough permits available to cover the original tender volume of 3192MW”.

In this context, reducing the volume so clearly without need sends the wrong signal. This year, we could have established a strong baseline to achieve EEG additions significantly above 7,000MW. The reduction clearly places us behind, it is a false signalHeidebroek added.

It is worth noting that the country continues to be an important participant in the onshore wind revolution in Europe, despite adjusting the volume of its current tender downwards, remaining at the forefront of the transition towards renewable energy sources. This constant commitment reinforces its position as a reference in sustainable development.

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