Swiss-Mile: the hybrid robot that can inspect, open doors and carry heavy loads

Inspenet, May 11, 2023

The Swiss-Mile robot developed by engineers at the ETH Zurich Robotic Systems Laboratory is a walking transformer on legs and wheels for mapping, inspection, disaster relief and logistics in urban environments.

Based on ETH’s ANYmal quadruped robot, it can go up and down stairs, travel at speeds of up to 22.32 km/h, and is capable of transporting tools, materials, goods, and sensors over long distances with a payload capacity of up to 50 kg.

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Swiss-Mile uses GPS, LiDAR and cameras to autonomously navigate city streets while avoiding obstacles, it can automatically detect changes in the environment by comparing online data with a pre-assigned digital twin, an automated solution for reality capture on a large scale that replicates real cities in (digital) mirror worlds.

Also, it can stand on two legs, which allows it to perform various practical jobs, such as calling an elevator and opening doors.

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Swiss-Mile: the robot that overcomes obstacles in challenging environments

“Swiss-Mile is expanding the capabilities of mobile robots by implementing a hybrid mobility platform that can overcome challenging obstacles like stairs and enable seamless navigation in indoor and outdoor environments. Being able to use wheels and legs helps robots adapt efficiently to different situations. trading the ability to traverse rough terrain for speed, and likely outperforming wheeled mobile delivery robots or quadrupeds,” the researchers said.

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The Swiss-Mile robot represents a breakthrough in mobile robotics, with significant payload capacity and hybrid mobility making it suitable for working in a wide variety of environments. Engineers at the ETH Zurich Laboratory for Robotic Systems hope that this robot can play a key role in urban logistics, as well as inspecting and mapping hard-to-reach areas in emergency situations.

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