Stella Terra: the world’s first all-terrain solar car

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Stella Terra

Inspenet, September 30, 2023.

A group of students from the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) known as “Solar Team Eindhoven” has impressed the public by revealing Stella Terra; an all-terrain vehicle that they claim is the first of its kind, since works using only solar energy and does not need to be recharged at charging stations.

This vehicle has not only been designed to travel on conventional roads, but also to overcome difficult terrain. In October, the team is scheduled to conduct extensive testing in Morocco, which will include challenging crossings through the Sahara Desert to test its endurance.

How does Stella Terra work?

Thanks to the solar cells installed on its roof, Stella Terra obtains the energy necessary for its operation. This engineering, along with its robust structure, allows this innovative vehicle to achieve complete autonomy anywhere in the world. With a maximum speed of 145 km per hour, a weight of 1,200 kg and the ability to travel 630 km on a sunny day, this solar car promises to make a significant difference.

Wisse Bos, leader of the Solar Team Eindhoven, emphasized the uniqueness of the project: “In order for Stella Terra to be able to face the adverse terrain conditions and at the same time be efficient and light to be powered by the sun, we had to design almost all of its components from zero, from the suspension to the solar panel inverters.”

Likewise, Bos also highlighted the avant-garde nature of his creation, stating that Stella Terra is between five and ten years ahead in the market. “We are pushing the limits of technology. With Stella Terra we seek to demonstrate that the transition to a sustainable future is a reason to be optimistic and we want to inspire individuals and companies to accelerate the energy transition .”

Solar Team Eindhoven’s dedication to innovation and sustainability is a constant characteristic of its history. Every two years, this group embarks on building state-of-the-art, highly efficient solar vehicles. Its excellence in this field has been recognized internationally, having won the World Solar Challenge in Australia four consecutive times, specifically in the family car category (Cruiser Class).

With the introduction of Stella Terra, the team reaffirms its commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future, demonstrating once again that solar energy has the potential to drive not only vehicles, but also transformation and innovation in the automotive industry.


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