SK6000: the crane with advanced technology for the construction of FPSO and FLNG facilities

Isbel Lázaro.

construcción de un FPSO

Inspenet, December 25, 2023.

The company Mammoet aims to meet the requirements of the construction of FPSO and FLNG facilities; That is why it has developed a crane with a remarkable lifting capacity: the model SK6000, which has a lifting capacity of up to 6,000 tons with a reach of up to 160 meters using the main mast and 3,000 tons with a reach of up to 220 meters with the attached boom.

The demands of FPSO and FLNG installations

In the past, FPSO and FLNG projects were limited to lifts of approximately 3,000 tonnes, but with the availability of larger cranes, there is now the potential to reach 6,000 tonnes, which can have a significant impact on the projects schedule. .

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For example, connecting two modules instead of eight represents a 400% reduction in connections that must be joined, resulting in considerable savings in integration time and working at height.

Even when modules are lighter, the greater span and higher load moment of larger cranes offer greater flexibility in terms of where and how modules are lifted. The larger cranes allow modules to be picked up in a wider radius around the shipyard than would have been possible previously. This makes it easier to carry out more work across the site simultaneously and eliminates the need to dismantle and move the crane, which may have been necessary in extreme circumstances.

Additionally, this methodology avoids transporting modules to the hook, resulting in savings in time, costs and most importantly, space, since it is not necessary to create a transport route in the yard. The need to rotate and move the hull of the installation is also reduced, as greater reach and load moment offer more options for where modules can be located from the crane position.

Another significant benefit is that the use of a crane that can be shipped and installed at any suitable facility around the world eliminates the restriction of yard choice based on available lifting capacity. While currently FPSO projects are typically limited to being done where there is a facility with the right size crane, with equipment like the SK6000, that lifting capacity can now be built into the project, potentially opening up more options for how and where they are built. the assets.

In recent years, larger FPSO and FLNG projects have had to adjust modular construction to accommodate available crane capabilities. This crane model will alleviate these limitations by offering lifting technology that can contribute to a new scale in modular projects, thus driving the construction of more efficient energy facilities.

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